Buying weed online legally is now easier than ever.

Say goodbye to shady dealers and shady websites, here’s the most complete guide with everything you need to know to buy quality weed. Easy, safe, and more importantly, legal.

These days, having weed delivered right to your door safely is more important than ever.

For medical patients that cannot make it to their local dispensary, mail order marijuana grants convenient access to the medicine they need. For recreational users, delivery means both safety and convenience

But with many postal services overwhelmed by orders, some of these delivery systems may come with long delays. Some postal services have stopped delivering altogether. This begs the question: if you don’t have access to a reliable delivery service, what’s the safest and fastest way to order your cannabis?

The Best THC Products To Buy Online

Here are some of our favorite THC products that we believe you should definitely check out. We also tried to make it so you would get an alternative for almost anything you can think of.

There’s edibles, tinctures, flower, concentrates, and vape products so you’ll definitely find the right product for you.

The best thing about it is that you can order any of these online and get them delivered to wherever you are in the US.

Best Vape: Botany Farms Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges

If you’re on the market for THC products, then this newly released vape cart from organicbudandvapespot is a must-try.

With a cannabinoid concentration of 78.8%, featuring Delta 10, Delta 8, and Delta 9 THC, and added terpenes from their Pineapple Haze Sativa flower.

This product packs quite the punch. But, thanks to the combination of all the THCs and natural terpenes, it delivers a well-balanced, energetic psychoactive high and smooth, flavorful hits.

Delta 10 THC works similarly to Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC, delivering uplifting psychoactive highs but without the associated drowsiness that D8 and D9 bring. It’s the perfect product for those who want to get their creative juices flowing without getting too high. The best thing about it is that they ship to all 50 states!

Best Edibles: Five CBD Daily Buzz Gummies

Don’t be fooled by the brand’s name. These full-spectrum gummies pack 5 mg of THC per piece, masterfully combined with other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN. There’s not a product on the market like this one, one that really brings a new definition to the term full-spectrum and lets you enjoy and experience the full potential of the cannabis plant.

When it comes to edibles, you can’t go wrong with Five CBD. Their Daily Buzz Gummies are ideal for those moments when you need a little uplifting pick me up and a mild, well-balanced mind and body high that lets you go through your day with ease.

If you’re sweet-toothed, they also have an option for you. Try their full-spectrum chocolates that have 2 mg of THC per piece for the same full spectrum experience and a treat to your palate. Five CBD also ships to all 50 states!

Best Flower: Sour Diesel THC Flower

Sour Diesel, one of the most prominent strains in history and a favorite of many.

This Sativa, famous for its characteristic pungent diesel-like smell and uplifting dreamy cerebral effects, is a great option for those who want an extra boost in productivity, clear-headedness, and focus to get through their daily tasks.

This hemp flower is infused with strain-specific, Sour Diesel Delta 8 THC Distillate, giving you the same invigorating and psychoactive sensations of regular THC, but with the extra soothing and balanced sensations that Delta 8 THC has. If you’re looking for something to help you relax and unwind after a long day, then try our OG Kush flower.

Think of Delta 8 THC as the middle point between Delta 9 THC and CBD. It is actually an isomer of CBD, which means that it is also found in hemp plants and does deliver a traditional Delta 9-like psychoactive high.

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